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How To Choose Quality Upholstered Furniture

The assortment of stores is impressive for your next custom home build – a variety of shades, assembly options, price categories. Unfortunately, the price is often far from quality; personal preferences are at odds with the choice of the store. The article will tell you how to choose the right sofas based on their convenience and comfort. Most sofas are used as the main sleeping area, so it is very important that it is comfortable and helps to improve the quality of your sleep.

Consider the spring designs of upholstered furniture.

Spring filling – a base of cylindrical spirals packed on both sides in felt, coconut coir, foam rubber, or latex. There are several types of spiral cages:

  • Dependent set of springs  – the spirals are connected by a steel wire. When a significant weight acts on one part of the seat, the load is evenly distributed over the common plane without deflection. The fastener elements are covered with a non-woven coating, hidden in a cover. The negative side of the mechanism is the absence of the “memorization” effect;
  • Orthopedic independent units, which are equivalent to beds in terms of convenience. Each detail does not depend on other elements – when you press one spiral, the main part of the surface will not bend. “Bonnel” is elastic, adjusts to the contours of the back and legs. The springs are hidden in separate covers, secured with strong textile ties;
  • “Snake” – steel rods, curved along serpentine contours, attached to wooden supports. A mattress or monolithic block is laid on top. Rigidity, excellent resistance to mechanical stress – positive features of the wire “snake.” Dependent constructions are cheap but not practical in everyday life.

Sofas with an independent base will make your rest comfortable – they will adapt to the anatomical features, relieve unpleasant sensations from the back.

Varieties of fillers for sofas

Among the filling materials are:

  • PPU is an elastic polyurethane foam related to orthopedic pads. The stuffing has a “shape memory” – reacting to pressure and heat, and it retains the outlines of the human body. When pressing on the seat, a dent is formed, which will disappear after a long time;
  • Latex – stuffing made from natural rubber juice is used to create expensive sofas. Spongy layers are elastic – they restore their original size within a few seconds;
  • Synthetic winterizer – budget replace for latex, polyurethane foam mattresses. It is created from artificial fibers, does not cause allergies, will not become a medium for the spread of bacteria, fungus. Disadvantage – it quickly loses its size. Therefore it is more often used for sewing blankets, pillows than for cabinet interior items;

The “filling” is chosen based on the purpose of the furniture. For example, any lining is suitable for guest rooms, elastic, flexible mattresses for the bedroom. Rigid foundations are used for places of periodic rest.

Tips for choosing the right sofa

When choosing upholstered furniture, it is worth considering the main nuances:

  1. Durability. The parameter depends on the quality of the raw materials that were used to assemble the furniture. Long service life for spiral, latex bases – they will last more than five years. Sintepon foam rubber is considered short-lived;
  2. Price. If the cost of furniture is a decisive criterion, the owners will have to face a short-lived filler, not a strong frame;
  3. Special needs. For owners who experience discomfort due to an incorrectly chosen berth, products made of rubber or elastic spirals are suitable.

Furnishing is the final stage of an apartment renovation, but do not forget that competent planning is the starting stage. For the sofa you like to be able to successfully fit into the interior, you should start selecting it even at the stage of creating a design project for an apartment. And remember, there are no trifles in design and renovation, any trifle can disrupt ergonomics, and the furniture will not go according to plan.